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Cardiometabolic Health


Our capabilities for assessment of cardiometabolic health and interventions intended to influence risk markers include measurements of:


• Apolipoproteins

• Body composition and fat distribution (dual x-ray absorptiometry)

• Lipoprotein lipid and particle concentrations

• Insulin sensitivity and secretion

• Markers of inflammation and oxidative stress

• Plasma and tissue fatty acids

• Resting and ambulatory blood pressures







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Cognitive Function


Our capabilities for assessment of cognitive function and interventions intended to influence cognitive function in children, adolescents, adults and seniors include computerized test batteries for assessment of elements of:


• Attention

• Comprehension

• Executive function

• Memory

• Problem solving

• Processing speed

• Reaction time






Clinical Nutrition & Physical Performance


Our scientists and staff have extensive experience in the design and conduct of observational studies and intervention trials in clinical nutrition, including:


• Appetite regulation

• Body weight/composition management


• Diet and cardiometabolic health

• Diet and exercise capacity/athletic performance

• Energy intake/expenditure

• Glucose clamp

• IV/oral glucose tolerance testing

• Nutrient bioavailability





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